TTC brand

     TTC mist adopts brand management system, take international requirements as self-control standard to estabilish a complete brand identity.
     We hold the registered trademarks like TTC®ɭ®® etc.,and has the protection of legal rights.
     We committed to constantly creating and perfecting great fog effect in a healty way,which includes the four aspects:
  1.  Fog effect design. Providing professional fog design and together with innovative ideas for the initial proposal. 
  2. Equipment supplier. To achieve prefect fog effect via high-efficiency, high stability and high quality products. 
  3. Engineering service. Providing quick, convenient and secure engineering service as per clients' needs.
  4. R&D and enacting industrial standards. Sustainable investment in product R&D, update products, and devote to enacting industrial standards in artificial fog industry,  thus normolizing and leading the field.